Welcome to Clay6!

Welcome to Clay6.com! We will be blogging here regularly to keep you posted on what's happening w/ our company!

Clay6 is an exciting idea centered on making students better at one thing: A+ing the exam! We are working on an exciting platform at the intersection of education, technology and social media to make it easier for students and tutors to focus on the most important thing: improving test results.

Our research at Clay6 has helped us zero in on what is important to the students, so you will see no fancy videos, no boring presentations or no annoying animations, in-fact no reading material. We cut to the chase and help students get better by solving problems. It is backed up with world-class analytics to help pin point problem areas and help students improve.

Clay6 is backed and run by two entrepreneurs with 15+ years of high-tech experience in Silicon Valley and Rte 128, educated in India (IIT, University of Madras) and the US (Berkeley, Boston University). We have a network of tutors across India that is growing everyday.

Clay6 is currently in public beta, so if you are a student entering the 12th standard or a tutor/teacher/school, we would like to hear from you.

Please sign up for an Invite and we will be in touch with you shortly.

Meanwhile, enjoy the website and give us your feedback. We also welcome business inquires at info@clay6.com. We will be in touch shortly with our full avatar.