‘Technology has narrowed the gap between home and office’

Pady Srinivasan, Co-founder Clay6 quoted in the Rediff article: http://www.rediff.com/getahead/report/work-from-home-vs-work-from-office-debate/20130305.htm

The start-up entrepreneur

I have an IT startup firm (clay6.com) and my employees love working from home. Most of them chose to join us because of the option to work  from home and flexible hours.

I have tried to answer the questions you asked as honestly as possible:

Should an organization be flexible and let some of its staff work from home or divide time between office and home?

Yes. Especially in India [ Images ] for IT jobs.

Specifically, has flexible timing helped legions of women remain productive while involved in child care too?

Absolutely, for (women employed in) IT jobs. In my firm, most of my employees are women who love flex(ible) timings and saving on commute.

Are such people policies good for the company or do they result in less innovation and hamper productivity?

It depends on the job. We have noticed that for work that doesn't involve innovation, work from home works out better. For work with innovation (software development), hands down face-to-face is better. Again depends on the employee.

When are employees more productive and innovative? When they work from home or office?

Productive depends on the employee. They can be from home or office.

Innovation happens when there is interaction. We also notice that many Indian employees struggle with good communication skills. Given that, for work involving innovation, an office environment is a must.