New Indian Express on Clay6: A comprehensive study bank

Kaviya Sanjeevi of the New Indian Express writes about Clay6 in today's (April 1st) paper...

Class XII students, imagine getting answers for all your maths questions at the click of a mouse. Well, Clay 6 has compiled a comprehensive database of all the possible questions and solutions (nearly 4,000 of them) for Class XII CBSE syllabus.

Currently in beta, the website offers step-by-step solutions. You can search/ pose questions chapter-wise, topic-wise, page-wise or by referring to a specific model paper. The promoters of the website, Balaji Thirumalai and Pady Srinivasan soon hope to add physics, chemistry and entrance exams. “When we spoke to students, they said a lot of webites are available, but there is a search cost. They need to search a whole database before arriving at that particular question. Clay 6 aims to solve this with added features,” says Thirumalai.

Students can post their questions and it will be answered by certified tutors within three hours. Not only tutors, any registered user can answer the query. Users also get the opportunity to rate answers.

You can do group studies, customise test papers according to topics and levels of difficulty. A feedback graph will also tell you what topics you need to concentrate on. “It is very easy to use and questions from any chapter can be found here. We started planning for this at the end of October and it took us three months to collect all the data. It took another month to put all of them together,” says Thirumalai.

Clay 6 also has another option where students are provided with hints to solve questions, thereby slightly nudging them to solve the problem on their own.

This website will also be helpful for tutorials, as they offer test packages. The question and answer forum is free of cost, but the practise tests will be charged `1,000 for students for the school year. Tutorials can also analyse the performances of tutors and students.

Clay 6 is also very interactive as Thirumalai explains, “Anytime a student asks a question, or answers, or takes a test, they will get points and can compete with other members of Clay6.