K-12 Education Technology Trends to Watch

Edweek reports on "Six different kinds of technology and tech practices—some of them familiar to most educators, others not as much—are likely to become increasingly important in K-12 systems over the next few years".

This is an annual study which you can read as part of the excellent Horizon Report found here.

So, what does this have to do w/ Clay6? Just that we happen to be in the middle of the two medium term technologies to watch for, per the report:

To Quote the Article, in the mid-term...

Learning analytics, or the field focused on making sense of trends and patterns using "big data," or huge amounts of student-related data, is likely to grow. Data analysis is being used to help struggling learners and tailor curricula to student needs.

• The use of open content was once largely confined to higher education, but now more organizations are developing those free, flexible materials for K-12 schools. That's partly a response to "an expression of student choice about when and how to learn," the Horizon report says.