Job Opening – clay6 marketing intern


The role of the intern is to promote Clay6 on various social marketing forum like Facebook, Twitter, G+, WordPress etc. and actively reach out to the student and teaching community through relevant blog posts, tweets and Facebook posts on Education in general and Clay6 in particular.
Looking for someone who has a passion for Online Education and Social Media and has that fire in the belly and enthusiasm to make a difference.
This can translate to a part-time or full-time paying job at the end of the internship depending on mutual interest and the impact you have on the role.


1) Be part of an exciting start-up opportunity
2) Work-anywhere as long as you are online
3) Ideal pre-MBA role can expand into other areas of marketing and analytics


1) Excellent Communication Skills
2) No-excuses attitude - Commit and keep your commitment - No Excuses
3) Familiarity w social media
4) Above all - the enthusiasm and fire to succeed!


If interested, send email to