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A man moves along x axis such that velocity $v=\large\frac{1}{x}$. If he is initially at $x=2 m$ find the time when he reaches $x=4m$

\[(a)\;6 sec\quad (b)\;4 sec \quad (c)\;3 sec \quad (d)\;he\;can't\;reach\; x=4m\]

1 Answer

We have $v=\large\frac{dx}{dt}$
Therefore $\large\frac{1}{x}=\frac{dx}{dt}$
$\int dt=\int x dx$
$ t= \large \frac{x^2}{2} \bigg|_2^4$
Hence a is the correct answer.


answered Jun 28, 2013 by meena.p
edited Jan 25, 2014 by meena.p

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