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Find the maximum value of \(2x^3 – 24x + 107\) in the interval \([-3,-1]\)

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1 Answer

  • $\large\frac{d}{dx}$$(x^n)=nx^{n-1}$
  • Maxima & Minima=$f'(x)=0$
Step 1:
Differentiating with respect to $x$
For maxima & minima
$x=\pm 2$
Step 2:
For the interval $[-3,-1]$ we find the values of $f(x)$ at $x=-3,-2,-1$
Hence maximum $f(x)=139$ at $x=-2$
answered Aug 19, 2013 by sreemathi.v
edited Aug 19, 2013 by sharmaaparna1

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