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Infinite numbers of masses, each of mass m,are placed along straight line at distances of r,2r,4r,8r etc from a reference point O.Find the gravitational field at point O

\[(a)\;\frac{2GM}{r^2} \quad (b)\;\frac{4GM}{3r^2} \quad (c)\;\frac{4GM}{r^2} \quad (d)\;\frac{2GM}{3r^2} \]

1 Answer

The magnitude of gravitational field intensity at point O will be the sum of gravitational field intensity due to each mass m
$\quad=\large\frac{4Gm}{3r^2} $
Hence b is the correct answer.
answered Aug 21, 2013 by meena.p
edited Jun 30, 2014 by lmohan717
How that series is solved?
Sum of infinite term in Geometric progression is
a is first term of gp and r is common ratio

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