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This question contains Statement -1 and Statement-2. Of the four choices given after the statements, choose the one that best describes the two statements.<br> Statement – I:<br> For a mass M kept at the centre of a cube of side ‘a’, the flux of gravitational field passing through its sides is $4\pi GM.$. and <br> Statement – II<br> If the direction of a field due to a point source is radial and its dependence on the distance ‘r’ for the source is given as $\frac{1}{r^2}$,its flux through a closed surface depends only on the strength of the source enclosed by the surface and not on the size or shape of the surface

( A ) Statement – 1is true, Statement – 2 is true; Statement -2 is not a correct explanation for Statement-1.
( B ) Statement – 1 is true, Statement – 2 is False
( C ) Statement – 1is false, Statement – 2 is true
( D ) Statement – 1is true, Statement – 2 is true; Statement -2 is correct explanation for Statement-1.

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