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Arrange the following nucleophiles in the order of the nucleophilicity in protic solvents $SH^-,OAC^-,PHO^-,OH^-,H_2O$

(a) $SH^->OH^->H_2O>OAC^->PHO^-$

(b) $SH^->OH^->PHO^->OAC^->H_2O$

(c) $SH^->OH^->H_2O>PHO^->OAC^-$

(d) $SH^->OH^->ACO^->H_2O>PHO^-$

1 Answer

The strength of the nucleophile depends on the charge on the hetero atom and therefore in turn its electro negativity
answered Sep 3, 2013 by sreemathi.v