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Solution "X" contains $Na_2 CO_3$ and $NaHCO_3.\;20 \;ml$ of $X$ when titrated using methyl orange indicator consumed $60\; ml $ of $0.1\;M\;HCl$ solution. In another experiment, $20 \;ml$ of X solution when titrated using phenolphthalein consumed $20\;ml$ of $0.1\;M\;HCl$ solution. The concentration (in mol $lit^{-1}$) of $Na_2CO_3$ and $NaHCO_3$ in X are respectively.

\[(a)\;0.01,0.02 \quad (b)\;0.1,0.1 \quad (c)\;0.01,0.01 \quad (d)\;0.1,0.01 \]

1 Answer

(b) 0.1,0.1
answered Nov 7, 2013 by pady_1

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