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Some physical quantities are given in the List I and the related units are given in the List II.Match the correct pairs in the list:

List I List II

(1) Magnetic field intensity

(2) Magnetic flux

(3) Magnetic pole strength 

(4) Magnetic induction

(i) A-m

(ii) $Wb\;m^{-2}$

(iii) Wb

(iv) $Am^{-1}$

(v) $Am^2$

The correct match is :

(a) (1) -(i),(2)-(ii),(3)-(iii),(4)-(v)

(b) (1) -(iv),(2)-(iii),(3)-(i),(4)-(ii)

(c) (1) -(iv),(2)-(i),(3)-(v),(4)-(ii)

(d) (1) -(ii),(2)-(iii),(3)-(ii),(4)-(iv)

1 Answer

answered Nov 7, 2013 by pady_1