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Match the following and find the correct pairs:

List I List II 

(1) Fleming left hand rule

(2) Right hand thumb rule

(3) Biot-Savart law

(4) Fleming's right hand rule

(i) Direction of induced current 

(ii) Magnitude and direction of magnetic induction

(iii) Direction of force due to magnetic induction

(iv) Direction of magnetic lines due to current

The correct match is 

(a) (1)-(iii), (2)-(i),(3)-(ii),(4)-(iv)

(b) (1)-(iii), (2)-(iv),(3)-(i),(4)-(i)

(c) (1)-(ii), (2)-(iv),(3)-(iii),(4)-(i)

(d) (1)-(iv), (2)-(iii),(3)-(i),(4)-(ii)

1 Answer

answered Nov 7, 2013 by pady_1

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