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Prerequisite tips for the “Straight Line Graph”

Linear function is one whose graph is a straight line. These are useful in representing many real world situations.

By using the properties of linear functions, we can graph them without having to plot many individual points.



Drawing a straight line graph is very easy.

For example:

Consider the Equation: ax+by =c.

When y=0,x=c/a and

when x=0,y=c/b.

-Clearly these points cut the x and y axis respectively.

-Draw a straight line through these points and the straight line graph is ready.This won't take more than 2 minutes.

Example1: x+y=2

                 When x=0 then y=2

                 When y=0 then x=2 

Here are couple of examples on clay6 based on the above tip:



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