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How can we relate the Three dimensional Geometry with the Two Dimensional (Co Ordinate) Geometry?

We can relate the Three dimensional geometry to that of the Two dimensional Co-ordinate geometry to understand it easily.

In Two dimensional geometry we have the x axis and the y axis.

Whereas in Three dimensional geometry we have the third axis which is the z-axis.

 “An object that has height width and depth”-eg: Cuboid

The definition of the 2D geometry is:

“An object that has only two dimensions” (ie) Width and Height eg: Rectangle

ð  All the formulae related to three dimensional geometry are similar to that of the formulae related to two dimensional geometry, except that it has an extra

‘z’ co-ordinate.

ð  We can relate the three dimensional figure to the respective two dimensional one and hence arrive at the formula.

 For Example:

The cuboids can be related to that of a rectangle, a cube to that of a square and sphere to that of a circle.


For Example:

Here arecouple of examples on clay6 based on the above tip



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