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Difference Between resistance and resistivity

Difference Between resistance and resistivity

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The resistivity of a material is the resistance of a wire of that material of unit length and unit cross-sectional area. 

The unit for resistivity is the ohm-metre. 

The resistivity of a material depends on its nature and the temperature of the conductor, but not on its shape and size. 

A good conductor has less resistivity, whereas a bad conductor or insulator has high resistivity. The resistivity of semi-conductors lies between that of conductors and insulators. 

The resistivity of a metallic conductor increases with an increase in its temperature, whereas the resistivity of a semi-conductor decreases with an increase in its temperature.

The resistance of some materials decreases tremendously with a decrease in temperature in the very low temperature range of the order of absolute zero. Such substances are called superconductors. 


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