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Match the following with reference to Taenia Solium

List-I                                                                       List-II

(A)     Mehlis glands                                       (I) Tegument formation

(B)     Vitelline gland                                       (II) Osmoregulation and excretion

(C)     Mesenchymal cells                              (III) Lubricate passage of capsules into uterus

(D)     Flame cells                                          (IV) Secretion of embryophore

                                                                      (V) Capsule formation around zygote

The correct answer is

         (A)     (B)     (C)    (D)

(1)    (III)     (V)      (I)      (II)

(2)    (III)     (V)     (II)      (IV)

(3)    (V)     (I)      (II)      (IV)

(4)    (IV)    (III)     (I)       (II)

1 Answer

answered Nov 7, 2013 by pady_1