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Match the following

List-I                                                               List-II

(A)     Conjugate vaccine                                        (I)  Human papilloma virus

(B)      Toxoid vaccine                                            (II)  Haemophilus influenzea

(C)      Attenuated whole agent vaccine              (III) Bubonic plague

(D)     Inactivated whole agent vaccine                 (IV) Yellow fever

                                                                               (V) Diphteria

The correct answer is

                (A)        (B)           (C)         (D)

(1)           (I)          (IV)          (V)          (II)

(2)          (II)          (V)           (IV)         (III)

(3)          (I)           (II)             (III)         (V)

(4)          (II)         (III)              (I)          (IV)

1 Answer

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answered Nov 7, 2013 by pady_1