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Suppose that $E_1$ and $E_2$ are two events of a random experiment such that $P(E_1)=\large\frac{1}{4},$$ P(E_2/E_1)=\large\frac{1}{4},$ Observe the lists given below:

List I List II

(A)  $P(E_2)$

(B) $P(E_1 \cup E_2)$ 

(C) $P(\bar{E_1}/ \bar{E_2})$

(D) $P(E_1 /\bar{E}_2)$

(i) 1/4

(ii) 5/8

(iii) 1/8

(iv) 1/2

(v) 3/8

(vi) 3/4

The correct matching of the List I from the List II is :

             (A)      (B)       (C)       (D)

(1)        (ii)        (iii)        (vi)      (i)     

(2)        (iv)        (v)       (vi)      (i)

(3)        (iv)        (ii)        (vi)      (i)

(4)        (i)          (ii)        (iii)      (iv)

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answered Nov 7, 2013 by pady_1

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