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A proton ,a deuteron and alpha particles are accelerated through same poten

A proton ,a deuteron and alpha particles are accelerated through same potential difference and then they enter a normal uniform magnetic field.the ratio of their kinetic energy Wii be

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the radius of the trajectory of the particle is given by

r= MV / BQ       where M is the mass of the proton V is its velocity in the field B is the magnetic field intensity Q is the charge

 V = √2VQ/√M  here v is the accerating potential


r=√M *√2V/√Q*B


rproton=Me^1/2√2v/√eB where Me and e are the mass and the charges of proton

r dutron=√2 Me^1/2*√2v/√eB since duetron has mass = 2Me

realpha particle= 2 x Me^1/2*√2v/√eB*√2 as mass od alpha particle is 4Me and charge =2e

hence 1: √2: √2


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