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Study the following lists

List-I                                                                                                              List-II

(A) Food storing condensed branches develop                                               (I) Oxalis

in the axils of bracts on the inflorescence         

(B) A group of bulbils arises from the ground                                                  (II) Bulbophyllum

level at the apex of tuberous root  

(C) Bulbils develop from the axils of leaves                                                     (III) Agave americana

(D) One or more internodes of the stem stores food

and water and becomes tuberous                                                                  (IV) Dioscorea bulbifera

                                                                                                                  (V) Cocoloba
The correct match is

          (A)     (B)     (C)     (D)

(1)     (III)     (IV)      (I)      (II)

(2)      (III)     (I)     (IV)     (II)

(3)      (V)     (I)     (II)      (IV)
(4)      (I)      (II)     (V)     (III)

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answered Nov 7, 2013 by pady_1