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Identify the correct sequence of plants in the order of characters given below :

(a) Ovules borne along the ventral suture of unilocular ovary

(b) Ovules develop all around the inner surface of the septa in a multilocular ovary.

(c) Ovules borne on the inner walls of ovary or on the intrusions of the wall that form incomplete partitions or false septa within the ovary

(1) Helianthus, Brassica, Cucurbita

(2) Thespesia, Nymphaea, Brassica

(3) Abrus, Nymphaea, Brassica

(4) Abrus, Dianthus, Cucurbita

1 Answer

(3) Abrus, Nymphaea, Brassica
answered Nov 7, 2013 by pady_1