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A student observed four plants (A, B, C, D). The number of stamens in a flower of 'A' is equal to those of a flower of 'B' . Out of the ten stamens arranged in two bundles in a flower of 'C', the stamen number in the bundle which possesses most of the stamens is three times to that of inner whorl of a flower of 'A'. In 'D' , the number of stamens is equal to those present in the inner whorl of plant 'B'. Identify A,B,C and D plants respectively.

(1) Brassica, Tephrosia, Allium, Ocimum

(2) Tephrosia, Ocimum, Brassica, Allium

(3) Tephrosia, Allium, Ocimum, Brassica

(3) Allium, Brassica, Tephrosia, Ocimum

1 Answer

(4) Allium, Brassica, Tephrosia, Ocimum
answered Nov 7, 2013 by pady_1

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