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Study the following list

List-I                                                                List-II

(A) Transgenic potato                               (I) Resistant to phytophthora

(B) Transgenic golden rice " Taipei"           (II) Bruise resistant

(C) Transgenic tomato "flavr Savr"             (III) Resistant to insects

(D) Transgenic papaya                            (IV) Rich in Vitamin-A

                                                              (V) Resistant to ring spot virus

The correct match is

       (A)     (B)     (C)     (D)

(1)   (I)     (IV)      (II)       (V)

(2)   (I)      (IV)      (III)      (II)

(3)   (I)      (IV)      (II)      (III)

(4)    (V)     (IV)      (II)     (III)

1 Answer

answered Nov 7, 2013 by pady_1