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If $\bar {a} = \bar i + \bar j+ \bar k, \bar b= \bar i- \bar j+ \bar k,\bar c= \bar i+ \bar j- \bar k$ and $\bar d= \bar i- \bar j- \bar k,$ then observe the following lists:

  List I List II





$\bar a. \bar b$

$\bar b. \bar c$

$[\bar a\; \bar b\; \bar c]$

$\bar b \times \bar c$

(A) $\bar a. \bar d$

(B) 3

(C)$\bar b. \bar d$

(D)$2 \bar i- 2 \bar k$

(E) $2 \bar j+2 \bar k$

(F) 4

The correct match of List -I to List - II

            (i)     (ii)     (iii)     (iv)

(1)       C       A       B       F

(2)       C       A       F       E 

(3)       A       C       B       F

(4)       A       C       F       D

1 Answer

answered Nov 7, 2013 by pady_1
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