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Study the following lists

List-I                                                           List-II

(A) *** hormone                                          (I) Fertilization in Funaria

(B) Cell wall breaking enzyme                     (II) Formation of zygophores Rhizopus

(C) Sugar mucilaginous substance               (III) Formation of buds in Funaria

(D) Naturally occuring growth factor            (IV) Fertilization of Pteris

                                                              (V) Conjugation in Spirogyra

The correct match is

        (A)      (B)       (C)        (D)

(1)    (V)      (II)       (IV)       (III)

(2)     (V)      (IV)      (III)        (II)

(3)     (II)       (IV)       (I)        (III)

(4)     (II)       (V)       (I)        (III)

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answered Nov 7, 2013 by pady_1