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Study the following lists with reference to transmission of viral diseases

List-I                                                List-II

(A) Zoospores of fungi                (I) Rice lungro

(B) Insects                                (II) Cherry ring spot

(C) Longidorus                           (III) Tobacco necrosis

(D) Seeds                                   (IV) Soil borne viral disease

                                                  (V) Lettuce mosaic

The correct match is

         (A)      (B)       (C)        (D)

(1)    (III)      (I)       (II)       (IV)

(2)     (V)      (I)      (IV)        (III)

(3)     (III)       (I)       (IV)        (V)

(4)     (IV)       (III)       (II)        (V)

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answered Nov 7, 2013 by pady_1