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In the triangle with vertices at $A(6,3),B(-6,3)$ and $C(-6,-3)$ the median through A meets BC at P, the line AC meets the x-axis at Q,while R and S respectively denote the orthocenter and centroid of the triangle. Then the correct matching of the coordinates of points in List -I to List - II is

List I List II

(i)  P

(ii) Q

(iii) R

(iv) S


(A) (0,0)

(B) (6,0)

(C) (-2,1)

(D) (-6,0)

(E) (-6,-3)

(F) (-6,3)

         (i)     (ii)     (iii)    (iv)

(a)     D      A       E      C

(b)     D      B       E      C

(c)     D      A       F      C

(d)     B      A       F      C


1 Answer

answered Nov 7, 2013 by pady_1

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