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A thin bi-convex lens of focal length 20 cm is made of glass of refractive index 1.5, when it is dipped in a liquid of refractive index $ \large\frac{9}{8} $, it acts as :

$(a)\;Convex\;lens\;of\;focal\;length\;15 cm \\(b)\;Convcave\;lens\;of\;focal\;length\;30 cm \\(c)\;Convex\;lens\;of\;focal\;length\;30 cm \\(d)\;Concave\;lens\;of\;focal\;length\;15 cm$

1 Answer

(3) Convex lens of focal length 30 cm.
answered Nov 7, 2013 by pady_1

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