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Let the relation R be defined in N by aRb if 2a+3b=30.Then R=___________________

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1 Answer

  • To get the Relation R in N defined by$a R a$ if $2a+3b=30$ we write the correct pair (a,b) such that it satisfies the equation $2a+3b=30$
R defines in N
aRb if 2a+3b=30
Let a=3 b=8
$2 \times 3+ 3 \times 8=30$
$(3,8) \in R$
Also $(6,6) \in R$ since
$ 2 \times 6+3 \times =20$
$(9,4) \in R$ since
$2 \times 9+3 \times 4=30$
$12,2 \in R$
Since $2 \times 12 + 3\times 2 =30$
Thus the set of ordered pairs that satisfy the given condition is given by $R=\{(3,8),(6,6),(9,4),(12,2)\}$
answered Mar 12, 2013 by thagee.vedartham

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