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Match the types of animal tissues given under List - I with the parts / organs in which they occur, given under List - II :

List-I List_II
(Tissue) (Part / Organ )
(A) Squamous epithelium (I) Walls of nose
(B) Hyaline cartilage (II) Bowman's capsule
(C) Adipose tissue (III) Iris
(D) Smooth muscle (IV) Yellow bone marrow
  (V) Ear Pinna

The correct match is

  (A) (B) (C) (D)
(1) (V) (I) (IV) (II)
(2) (V) (IV) (I) (III)
(3) (II) (I) (IV) (III)
(4) (II) (IV) (I) (III)


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