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Which equilibrium can be described as an acid-base reaction using Lewis acid-base definition but not using Bronsted and Lowry concept?

(a) $NH_3 + CH_3COOH \rightleftharpoons CH_3COO^- + NH^+_4$

(b) $H_2O + CH_3COOH \rightleftharpoons CH_3COO^- + H_3O^+$

(c) $4NH_3 + Cu^{2+} \rightleftharpoons [Cu(NH_3)_4]^{2+}$

(d) $HCl + CH_3COOH \rightleftharpoons CH_3COO^+H_2 + Cl^-$

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1 Answer

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Answer: $NH_3$
$NH_3$ is a donor and $Cu^{2+}$ ion is acceptor.
Hence, $NH_3$ is base and $Cu^{2+}$ ion is Lewis Acid.
$Cu^{2+}$ is not acid according to Bronsted concept because it is not a proton donor.


answered Nov 23, 2013 by mosymeow_1
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