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Conjugate base of Hydrazoic acid is

(a) $HN^-_3$

(b) $N^-_2$

(c) $N_3^{-1}$

(d) $N^{-3}$

2 Answers

  • Acid $\longrightarrow$ Proton + Conjugate base
Answer: $N_3^{-1}$
$HN_3 \longrightarrow H^+ + N_3^-$
Acid $\longrightarrow$ Proton + Conjugate base


answered Nov 23, 2013 by mosymeow_1
The formula for Hydrazoic acid is $N_3H$
Hydrazoic acid $(HN_3)$ also know as hydrogen
The conjugate base of Hydrazoic acid is $N_3^-$
answered Jan 23 by meena.p

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