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Consider a disc rolling with out slipping on a horizontal surface at a speed V as shown in figure. 1) the speed of the particle at A is 2V. 2) the speed of the particle and B,C and D is equal to V 3) The speed of C is zero and the speed of B is $\sqrt 2 V 4) the speed of 0 is less then the speed of V which is the correct answer?

$a)\; 1,2 \;and\; 3 \\ b)\; 1,3 \;and \;4 \\ c)\; 2,3 \;and\; 4 \\ d)\; 1,2 \;and\; 4 $

1 Answer

Velocity of any point is $= \overrightarrow {V}_{cm}+\overrightarrow {V}_{tangented}$
For rolling bottom most point has zero velocity with respect to the surface.
answered Nov 29, 2013 by meena.p

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