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Consider the following reaction


The incorrect statement about this reaction is: $\begin{array}{1 1}a)\; In \;the\; intermediate\; the \;positive\; charge\; on\; the\; secondary\; \;carbon\; is\; larger\; than\; the\; primary \;carbon \;resulting\; in \;more\; rapid\; formation \;of \;A\\b) \;In\; B \;the\; double \;bond \;is\; more\; stabilized\; by \;hyperconjugation\;than\;in\;A. \\c) \;At\; higher \;temperature, b\; is\; main \;product.\\d)\; Under the \;kinetically \;controlled \;conditions, A\; and\; b \;can \; easily\; interconvert.\end{array}$

1 Answer

Under the kinetically controlled conditions, A and B can easily interconvert.
Hence (d) is the correct answer.
answered Dec 2, 2013 by sreemathi.v

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