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Consider proposed mechanism for reaction between nitrogen monoxide and hydrogen gas.Step (i):$2NO\rightarrow N_2O_2$,Step 2:$N_2O_2+H_2\rightarrow N_2O+H_2O$,Step 3:$N_2O+H_2\rightarrow N_2+H_2O$.If step 2 rate determining step,then rate law for reaction and all the intermediate of reaction will be

Options Rate law Intermediates
(a) $R=K[NO][H_2]$ $N_2O_2$
(b) $R=[NO]^2[H_2]$ $N_2O_2,N_2O$
(c) $R=K[NO][H_2]$ $N_2O_2,N_2O$
(d) $R=K[NO]^2[H_2]$ $N_2O_2$


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$2NO\rightarrow N_2O_2$
$N_2O_2+H_2\rightarrow N_2O+H_2O$
$N_2O+H_2\rightarrow N_2+H_2O$
$2NO+2H_2\rightarrow N_2+2H_2O$
Through step 2 two molecules of $NO$ and one molecule of $H_2$ have reacted,so if step 2 is R.D.S then rate law would be
An intermediate is a substance that is produced in one elementary step and consumed in later steps.So intermediates are $N_2O_2$ and $N_2O$
Hence (b) is the correct answer.
answered Dec 18, 2013 by sreemathi.v

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