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Given below are four methods (A - D ) and their modes of action ( a - d) in achieving contraception. Select their correct matching from the four options that follow :

Method Mode of action
(1) The pill (a) prevents sperm reaching cervix
(2) Condom (b) prevents implantation
(3) Vasectomy (c)Prevents ovulation
(4) Copper T (d) Semen contains no sperm


Matching :

$\begin {array} {1 1} (1)\;A-(b),B-(c),C-(a),D-(d) & \quad (2)\;A-(c),B-(a),C-(d),D-(b) \\ (3)\;A-(d),B-(a),C-(b),D-(c) & \quad (4)\;A-(c),B-(d),C-(a),D-(b) \end {array}$


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