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Match the disease in column I with the appropriate items ( pathogen / prevention / treatment ) in column II.

Column - I Column - II
(a) Amoebiasis (i) Treponema pallidum
(b) Diphtheria (ii) Use only sterilized food and water
(c) Cholera (iii) DPT vaccine
(d) Syphilis (iv) Use oval rehydration therapy


$\begin {array} {1 1} (1)\;a-(ii),b-(iii),c-(iv),d-(i) & \quad (2)\;a-9i),b-(ii),c-(iii),d-(iv) \\ (3)\;a-(ii),b-(iv),c-(i),d-(iii) & \quad (4)\;a-(ii),b-(i),c-(iii),d-(iv) \end {array}$

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