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A conducting spherical shell is earthed. A +ve charge $+q_1$ is placed at its centre and another +ve charge $+q_2$ is placed outside at a distance d from centre . If the effect of induced charge due to $q_2$ on sphere is ignored. Then coulomb force on $q_2$

$\begin{array}{1 1} (A) \large \frac{q_1q_2}{4 \pi \in_0 (d-R)^2}\\ (B) \large \frac{q_1q_2}{4 \pi \in_0 (d^2-R)} \\ (C) \large \frac{q_1q_2}{4 \pi \in_0 d^2} \\ (D)zero \end{array}$

1 Answer

There is no charge on outer surface therefore no force on $q_2$
Hence A is the correct answer.
answered Jan 10, 2014 by meena.p

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