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In same Young's Double slit experiment set up two sources of light produces fringes of width $0.2 \;mm$ and $0.3 \;mm$ The ratio of wave length of two light sources is

$(a)\;\frac{2}{3} \\ (b)\;\frac{4}{9} \\ (c)\;\frac{1}{3} \\ (d)\frac{2}{1} $

1 Answer

$\large\frac{\beta_1}{\beta_2}=\large\frac{\Large\frac{\lambda_1 D}{d} }{\Large\frac{\lambda _2 D}{d}}$
$\large\frac{\beta_1}{\beta_2}=\large\frac{\lambda _1}{\lambda_2}$
$\qquad= \large\frac{.2}{.3}$
$\qquad= \large\frac{2}{3}$
Hence a is the correct answer.
answered Jan 21, 2014 by meena.p

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