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In a given process, $\large\frac{1}{k}$th part of the supplied heat goes in raising internal energy of the gas. Finding the molar specific heat of the gas and the process gives?

$(A)\; C = \large\frac{kR}{\gamma+1}$ $(B)\; C = \large\frac{kR}{\gamma}$ $(C)\; C = \large\frac{kR}{\gamma-1}$ $(D)\; C = \large\frac{(1+k)R}{\gamma+1}$

1 Answer

$\large \frac{nCdT}{k} = \frac{f}{2}$$nRDT \rightarrow C = \large\frac{kR}{f/2} = \frac{kR}{\gamma-1}$
answered Jan 22, 2014 by balaji.thirumalai

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