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Which of the following test is given both by aldehydes and ketones?

(a) 2,4-DNP test
(b) Schiff's reagent test
(c) Tollens reagent test
(d) All of these
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1 Answer

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Aldehydes & ketones both contain the carbonyl group, >C=O, but in aldehydes the carbonyl group is attached to one or two hydrogen atoms whereas in ketones it is linked to two alkyl or aryl groups. Due to this reason, aldehydes & ketones both pass 2,4- DNP test, but ketones could not pass Schiff's reagent test and Tollen's reagent test.
Answer: 2,4-DNP test
2,4-DNP test is given both by aldehydes and ketones.
answered Jan 24, 2014 by mosymeow_1
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