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Let Potential at A and B be $V_A$ and $V_B$ respectively . In the given circuit. If the effective resistance is found to be $5 \Omega$ Then


$(a)\;V_A > V_B \\ (b)\;V_B > V_A \\ (c)\;V_A= V_B \\ (d)\;does\; not\; depend \;on\; V_A\; or\; V_B $

1 Answer

If $ V_A > V_B$
the current flow A to B and diode is forward biased. and diode offers zero resistance.
$\therefore $ effective resistance is $\large\frac{10}{2}$$=5 \Omega$
If $V_B > V_A$ current flows from B to A and diode is reverse biased and offers infinity resistance.
$\therefore $ effective resistance is $10 \Omega$
Hence a is the correct answer
answered Jan 28, 2014 by meena.p

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