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$BaCl_2$ solution gives a white ppt. with a solution of a salt, which dissolves in dil. HCl with the evolution of a colourless, pungent smelling gas. The acid radical in the salt is

(a) $SO_4^{2-}$
(b) $HSO_4^-$
(c) $SO_3^{2-}$
(d) $CO_3^{2-}$
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Answer: $SO_3^{2-}$
$SO_3^{2-} + Ba^{2+} \longrightarrow BaSO_3 \downarrow$ (White ppt.)
$BaSO_3 + 2HCl \longrightarrow BaCl_2 + H_2O + SO_2 \uparrow$ (Colourless pungent smelling gas)
answered Jan 28, 2014 by mosymeow_1

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