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Chromyl chloride vapours are dissolved in water and acetic acid and lead acetate solution is added, then

(a) The solution will remain colourless
(b) The solution will become dark green
(c) A yellow solution will be obtained
(d) A yellow ppt. will be obtained

1 Answer

Answer: A yellow ppt. will be obtained
$CrO_2Cl_2 + 2H_2O \longrightarrow H_2CrO_4 + 2HCl$
Chromyl chloride vapours
$H_2CrO_4 + (CH_3COO)_2Pb$ (lead acetate)$ \longrightarrow PbCrO_4 \downarrow$ (Yellow) + $2CH_3COOH$ (Acetic acid)
answered Jan 28, 2014 by mosymeow_1

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