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The electric field in a region is given by $\;\overrightarrow{E}=5 \hat{i} - 3 \hat {j}\;.$ Find $\;V_{B}-V_{A}\;.$ If A is origin & B is $\;(0,0,5)\;m$


1 Answer

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Answer : (c) 0
Explanation : $V_{B}-V_{A}=- \int_{A} ^{B}\;\overrightarrow{E}\;.\overrightarrow{dl}$
$=-\;\int_{A}^{B}\;(5 dx-3 dy)$
$\begin{align*}=-\;\int_{(0,0,0)}^{(0,0,5)}\;(5 dx-3 dy) \end{align*}$
$V_{B}-V_{A}= 0\;.$
answered Jan 29, 2014 by yamini.v
edited Jan 10 by priyanka.c

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