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Gas-A is kept in the left partition of the container with a volume 2V at pressure P. Gas-B is kept in the right part of the container with a volume of 3V at pressure P. Both the portions are the same temperature T. When what is the value of the Pressure P' when the partition is removed?

(A) P (B)5 P (C) 5P/6 (D) 2P

1 Answer

For gas A, $n_A = \large\frac{P \times 2V}{RT}$ and $n_B = \large\frac{P \times 3V}{RT}$
After oprning the partition, $n_A + n_B = n = \large\frac{P' \times 5V}{RT}$
$\Rightarrow P' = P$
answered Jan 31, 2014 by balaji

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