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A test tube containing a nitrate and another containing a bromide and $MnO_2$ are treated with conc. $H_2SO_4$. The brown fumes evolved are passed through water. The water will be coloured by

(a) the nitrate
(b) the bromide
(c) both nitrate and bromide
(d) none of the two

1 Answer

Answer: the bromide
$NO^-_3$ gives $NO_3$ with conc. $H_2SO_4$ which on pasing through water form colourless $HNO_3$.
$Br^- + MnO_3$ on heating with conc. $H_2SO_4$ gives $Br_2$ gas which on passing through water imparts a brown colour.
answered Feb 1, 2014 by mosymeow_1

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