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A uniform electric field of 100 V/m is directed at $30^{0}$ with the +ve x - axis as shown in figure . Find the potential difference $\;V_{BA}\;$ if OA=2 m and OB= 4 m


1 Answer

Answer : (c) $\;100\;\sqrt{3}$
Explanation : Electric field in vector form can be written as ,
$A=(-2m , 0)$
$B=(0 , 4m)$
$=-\int_{(-2 ,0)}^{(0,4)}\;(50\;\sqrt{3}\;dx+50\;dy)$
$=-\;[50\;\sqrt{3}\;x+50\;y]_{(-2 ,0)}^{(0 , 4)}$
answered Feb 4, 2014 by yamini.v

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