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Three dice are thrown at the same time.Find the probability of getting three two's,if it is known that the sum of the numbers on the dice was six.

1 Answer

  • Three die are thrown simultaneously
  • There are 216 elements in the total sample space
  • Let us define an element A assum of the numbers on the dice is 6
  • A=\((2\;2\;2)(2\;1\;3)(2\;3\;1)(1\;3\;2)(1\;2\;3)(1\;1\;4)(4\;1\;1)(1\;4\;1)(3\;1\;2)(3\;2\;1\;)\)
  • B=getting a number 3 in all 3 diesa=(\(2\;2\;2)\)
Since it is given that the event A has alreay occured ie the sum of the numberss on each die is 6
We have 10 cases out of which only one(\(2\;2\;2)\) is faverable to us
answered Feb 26, 2013 by poojasapani_1

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